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Blowaways concept 3

Concept Drawing by Eli Bø.

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 11.10.27

Concept Drawing by Eli Bø.

Landscape & man

Landscape / man by Nicholas Peacock

Landscape & man 2

Landscape / Man by Nicholas Peacock

Dungeness boat

Dungeness Photo by John Dower

Fens Petrol station

Fens Location Photo by John Dower

A1 services

A1 Service staton reference

Fens aeriel view

Fens aerial view concept drawing by Eli Bø


Concept montage by Eli Bø

Tremain ideas

Ideas for Tremain by Eli Bø / Nicholas Peacock

Turner ideas

Turner Ideas including drawings by Nicholas Peacock

Bystanders ideas

Bystander ideas from drawings by Nicholas Peacock

Dad:Boy ideas

Dad / Boy ideas from drawings by Nicholas Peacock

Fens telegraph poles

Fens Location Photo by John Dower

Fens ditch painting

Concept Painting by Eli Bø

Fens Dirt Track

Fens dirt track Photo by Eli Bø

Dungeness Distant Power station

Dungeness Distant Power Station By John Dower

2 landscapes

Landscapes by Nicholas Peacock

Landscape, Boy & characters

Character ideas from drawings by Nicholas Peacock

Tremain? & Landscape

Idea for Tremain from Drawing by Nicholas Peacock plus landscape


Landscape by Nicholas Peacock


Landscape by Nicholas Peacock


Landscape by Nicholas Peacock

Short animated film/VR experience written by Lin Coghlan in Development with Producer Marie James, Production Designer Eli Bø and Art Director Nicholas Peacock. To be produced in a real-time engine with actors using Performance Capture in a hand drawn & painted digital environment. 

The film tells the story of Turner, a suicidal, cynical and taciturn man who wakes up in a ditch in a flat, barren landscape to be confronted by the enigmatic & cheerful Tremain, who eventually persuades Turner to perform a heroic act. 

We are currently working with The Imaginarium Motion Capture Studio, Dynamixyz facial Capture and Apriori Digital on the project.  Nathan Bell will be composing the score.