John Dower Director in Film, Television & Interactivity - Telling the Stories That Need to Be Told Now
SOL - Angelica appears at night
SOL - Daisy on the swing
SOL - Daisy under the tree
SOL - Daisy ECU
SOL - Joe opens the door
SOL - Max the Machievellian
SOL - Daisy looks at berries
SOL - Max at the stones

Commissioned by BBC Switch and Produced by Endemol, with Exec Producers Anne Mensah,  Paul Marquess,  Gary Sammett and Rob Cooper, "Signs of Life" was the biggest on-line interactive drama made to date.  An Astrological Thriller written by Paul Dornan, it was a drama in 8 parts with interactive elements.  Featuring Joel Dommett, Dominic Mafham & Laura Aikman.