John Dower Director in Film, Television & Interactivity - Telling the Stories That Need to Be Told Now

Key opening scenes introducing the Health Secretary Alice Reynolds played by EMMA BEATTIE, Professor Sam Ryan (AMANDA BURTON) & Jomo Mashaba (HUGH QUASHIE). Featuring a drone landscape shot of Liverpool and the conference centre next to the River Mersey.

Near Liverpool Catholic Cathedral. Nikki (EMILIA FOX) tries to contact Tom in vain. Her absence has been noticed by Jack (DAVID CAVES).

Sam (AMANDA BURTON) makes a call after taking a blood vial from the Lyell Centre.

At Sam & Jomo's house, David (LLOYD EVERITT) & Fiona (GINA BRAMHILL) have good news for Jomo (HUGH QUASHIE), who spoils the tone....

DI Johnny Campbell (DUNCAN PRESTON) has come with sad news for Simone (GENESIS LYNEA) and Gloria (SUTARA GAYLE).

London streets at night. Veteran Tom (MATTHEW GRAVELLE) picks up a package from one of his army mates.

Series 25 poster


Helicopter lands in front of the Liver Building.

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Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 10.10.52

John was second unit Director on 4 episodes of Series 25 (TX May 2022) and across 4 episodes on the 24th series (TX Oct 2021) of the Pathology Crime Drama for BBC.  Produced by Nick Lambon and Executive Producer Lawrence Till.